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Online Sessions and Content Creation

I am trying to evolve and adapt my practice as this pandemic isn’t going away any time soon. We all miss having sessions but regardless of how much one wants it it is not a good idea to meet up in real life for any kind of interaction right now. So I am trying to find ways for me to be comfortable with online sessions. The biggest thing so far has been to realize the session time ought to be shortened drastically. If you are like me, coming mostly from the experience of real life play, 1 hour can be deemed short so instinctively a 15min online session feels like it should be nothing. But for some reason time seems to work a bit different online. It also works on the same principle as when I have irl sessions. If we have not had a session together before, and specially if you are new to BDSM in general, it is good to have a shorter first session. The first session is always about getting to know each other, the real play comes in the sessions after. So even with the online sessions, if the first session goes well and we both want to continue contact you can book a longer session next time.

I have also started to create some content as another means for kinky outlet. I have not completely decided upon what platform to use yet, but most likely it will be AVN. But there will also be some content showing up here, both free and paid. Either because it suits me better to have it here or because it simply isn’t allowed on the platform.

But it is all under construction, so to speak. Since there isn’t any point in publishing one video and one photo set for paid content subscriptions (I wouldn’t pay for that so I assume you won’t either) there is a lot to do before this is up and going.

And though technically it is possible to meet up sole people one know for creating content I live so far away from all the kinksters I know it is still not an option for me. Unfortunately. I just can’t force my vanilla friends to participate in spanking videos, even if I might find it hilarious they most certainly won’t. And we all know and agree that consent is very important.

So my content will, for the foreseeable future, be solo work.

I have already quite a lot of material planned, but since I am essentially starting from scratch you are welcome to come with suggestions of what you want me to do. It can either help me to decide in what end of my ideas I ought to begin, or it might actually give me some new ideas. Just remember; I only do BDSM and Fetish. So no nudes, no sex, no vanilla.