IRL Session

OBS! På grund av Corona går det inte att boka några IRL Sessioner för tillfället! OBS!

OBS! Due to Corona it is not possible to book IRL sessions! OBS!

An IRL session can contain elements of BDSM as well as Fetish, or a combination of both. What it will contain depends on your personal kinks and what you don’t want or are not interested in experiencing.

What I Don’t do:

  • I do NOT do any sexual services of any kind! This includes strap-on!
  • I do not do anything that includes children, miners, or animals!
  • I do not do anything that may result in serious injury or death!
  • Ponyplay
  • Urethra play
  • Scat
  • Romani/vomit
  • Suspension
  • Shibari (I do rope-bondage, but I am not schooled in classical shibari)
  • Smoking
  • Extorssion/Blackmail
  • I do not sell custom content

What I do:

  • Physical Dominans
  • Psycological Dominans
  • Sadomasochism
  • Corporal Punishment
  • Degradation
  • Humiliation
  • Bondage
  • Wet
  • Spanking, paddles
  • Whipps, flogging
  • Canes, rodds
  • CBT
  • Chastity
  • Cuckhold
  • Needleplay
  • Electroplay
  • Breathplay
  • Slavetraining
  • Fetish
  • Partialism and bodyworship (genitals and breasts not included)
  • Trampling, crushing
  • Puppyplay, Kittyplay
  • ABDL

This is a general list of what I do. If you are interested in something that is not on the list, and isn’t on the list of what i don’t do, you are welsome to ask if it is something I would consider.


  • 1h – 2000kr
  • 2h – 3500kr
  • 3h – 5000kr
  • More than 3h, 1000kr per extra hour.
  • Overnight session 10.000kr

I do NOT offer a place to be for sessions, I ONLY do ourcall sessions. This means YOU are responsible for finding somewhere to be. Responsibility and potential costs for this is on you as a customer. Usual places to be is either in the home of the sub or in a hotel room.

Since I only do outcall there are also traveling costs. The costs back and forth will be payed for by you the customer. I can practically travel anywhere, as long as it is economically worth it. This can mean there can be either a minimum on the length of the sessiontime, or a higher session cost. If the tripp means I need to stay the night somewhere you will pay the cost for a hotelroom (I will not sleep at a customers house or with a customer in the same hotelroom. Only exception is an overnight session, but I still requier my own bed).

Befor, and in direct connection to, a first session I will always meet a new customer for a coffe, lunch, or the like. This is partly due to securety reasons so we both have an oportunity to get an estimate of one another and if we whant to continue with the session. It is also an opportunity for you to loos some potential negative nerves.

The costs for travel and potential overnight stay must ALWAYS be payed up front. I never put up money for any expenses. You can pay for the session either up front or when we meet, and it is possible to pay with cash. Though, if I need to travel very far part of the session fee might be needed to be payed up front as well. If I am to travel outside the country this is always the case. Within the Swedish border this will be the case if my treveling time one way is more that 3h.


If you want to book a session you go to Contact and write the following information in the Messege box:

  • How long a session you want to book
  • Where in the country/what country you want to meet
  • Where is the session to be held (ie your home, a hotel room, etc)
  • At least 3 suggestions for date and time of the session

When I answer your message you will get an extensive form to fill out on what your kinks, interests, and dislikes are.