Financial Domination

Financial dominance is something very different from paying for a session. A payed session means you pay a fixed sum to get time with the Dominatrix for a specific amount of time, for example 1h. Money is not part of the session, it is just a fee for it.

Financial dominance means that money is part of the dominant expression. It can be used in different ways, as means of degradation or humiliation, controll, or even reward – all depends on the arrangement and the relationship the sub has to money and payment,

A very important distinction is that within financial dominance giving your Mistress money does not mean you have the right or should expect anything in return. You are not purchasing a service. You give your Mistress money because the action in itself feels positive. You show your devotion, atone for your bad behaviour, or simply because you are told. If you are a good slave you will of course get something in return, but when and what is solely up to your Mistress.

Findom services

  • Cashpointmeet – We meet up and you give me a set sum of money, and then I leave. I can travel for this, but it must be worth my while. Regarding potential travel for meetup read here.
  • Tribute – You send me an amount of money of your choosing to show your appreciation for me.
  • Pay for shopping – Can either be online shopping or IRL where you come with. Online can either be to just pay, or if the budget is high enough you can join the shopping via cam.
  • Adopt a bill – Choose one of my bills you will be responsible for paying for.
  • Taxation – You get taxed for different agreed upon things. Common ones are cumtax, tax for bad behaviour, tax for thinking about your Mistress, etc.
  • Spinn one of the wheels – A more playful take on the concept. You pay for one spin of the wheen of your choosing and then you do what is says.
  • 15min online findom session – Even though other kinks may be involved findom will be the primary focus. Among other thing this will mean even though you will pay a session fee you will be expected to be made to pay more during the session. Neither can you expect to get anything specifik in return except for the pleasure of giving money to your Mistress and the oportunity and privelidge to talk to (textchatt) or see (camchatt) her. Must be booked and schedualed. The booking cost is whatever I feel like at the moment.
  • Longtime servitude, Slave contract – The first contract is for 3 months. When this contract ends and if further servitude is wanted a personal contract can be written and can be for a longer period of time. You can read more here.

Just like my kinks list this is a general description of my services. If you are interested in something that is not mentioned here, and is not mentioned as something I don’t do, you are always welcome to ask if it is something I would consider.

To find out more about what I do and don’t do within BDSM and Fetish see here.

OBS! På grund av Corona erbjuds ingenting IRL för tillfället! OBS!


If you want to book a findom service go to Contact and write the following information in the Message box together with your prefered paymentmethod:

  • What service are you interested in
  • For cashpointmeet: How much are you to give. Where in the country are we to meet. 3 suggestions for date and time.
  • Pay for shopping: Online or IRL. What is your budget. If IRL where in the country are we to meet. 3 suggestions for date and time.
  • Adopt a bill: What bill do you want to pay for. For how long to you want to keep paying for it.
  • Spinn one of the wheels: Which one of the wheels to you want to spinn.
  • 15 min online findom session: 3 suggestions for date and time for the session (make certain you have time for more than 15min). Tell me a few of your kinks, and what you don’t want to experience. to see what I do and don’t do read here.
  • Longtime servitude, Slave contract: Read more here.