Miss Vera

Name: Miss Vera

Size: Eu 46/48

Age: 33

Shoe size: 38

Lives: northern part of Sweden

I have been practicing BDSM and Fetish for 15 years and previously as a professional dominatrix for 2 years but under a different name – Fröken Amelie. I started it up again as Miss Vera as my intention was to do it on a less serious basis. But I have a problem not taking this serious, so here we are.

When you first meet me the first thing you will notice is that I do not look like nor act like your preconceived notion of what a dominatrix is. My looks can probably best be described as cute, I have even been described as dollike, and I am well mannered and friendly. Though, if you make the misstake of judging me by my cover you’re in for a mindfuck when I switch over.

My kinks and interests are all over the spectrum, but what lies a bit closer to my heart is sadism and fetishism. I light up like a happy child when my sub twist and turns in pain, or even better – screams and asks for mercy. But I can all the same get all warm inside by an embarrassed look from someone too ashamed to look at me.

I don’t have that many fetishes of my own, to my own regrett, but I love to devote myself to others. The more unusual and odd, the more fascinating I find it. As long as it is practically possible and safe for us both there are very few things I am not interested in.