Online Services

Living out your BDSM and Fetish life online can be a preference, a choice, or an adaption to the current situation of the world.

If you are interested in indulging in some online kink here are some of the services I provide.


Sessions online are a bit different from sessions IRL. You can still use my dos and don’ts lists as a guide but the nature of it closes some doors, but also opens up others, of what we can do.

No matter if a session is IRL or if it is online, a good session requires preparation. I will need to know what your kinks are, your interests, what you don’t like, your limits, etc. Just telling me you want to be humiliated is not enough. Humiliation can mean a thousand different things, and you need to tell me what specific aspects you are into.

  • BDSM/Fetish session – 15min, Skype 500kr/€50/£45/$55, Kik 400kr/€40/£35/$45.

Just like with an IRL session I want to go through your kinks, your limits, and safewords before we start. Therefore I prefer that if it is your first session with me this will be booked well in advance as this takes time if it is to be done properly.

Half the session fee is to be paid as a deposit (non refundable) when the booking is made, the other half must be paid before the session starts.

  • Findom Session – 15min, Skype(deposit, nrfd) 200kr/€20/£15/$25, Kik(deposit, nrfd) 150kr/€15/£10/$20.

As this is a session for financial domination the deposit fee is just to get the session started. You will be made to pay more during the session, and the minimum budget is the fee for a BDSM/Fetish session. Booking a findom session is not a way to get a cheaper session fee, this type of session is more likely to cost you much more. If you are not certain about the difference between financial domination and paying for a session or time with your Mistress you can read more here.

The deposit is to be paid when the booking is made.

Just like with any other kind of session before we start I want to go through your kinks, your limits (both kink wise and financial), and safewords. So if it is your first session with me I do prefer that it will be booked well in advance so we have proper time to go through things. If not it will be heavily focused on the financial part, and that is fine if that is what you want. But if you wish to incorporate other kinks as well and not just me taking your money you need to make certain we have time to do it correctly.

  • The Clinic – 15min, Skype 500kr/€50/£45/$55, Kik 400kr/€40/£35/$45.

You can read more about The Clinic here.

Monthly Kik Access

This one is for those of you who have an interest in findom. At the beginning of the month you pay a fee of 200kr/€20/£15/$25 to gain or keep access to my Kik. If the fee is not paid you will be blocked. In this instance the block is easily lifted whenever you pay the fee again, you are not banned for life if you decide to take a break from this service.

The fee also includes 2 tasks and general chat, to an extent. To keep me interested in talking to you, if you want more tasks, have sessions, etc. you have to pay tribute, buy me things from my wishlists, etc. There is no fixed value of the tributes you need to pay. The point is for you to choose the amount to interest me or impress me. I can also at times demand an amount, but this will be decided by me in the moment.

If you decide to pay and start your Kik access in the middle of the month, for example on the 15th, the price will still be the same and it will only last until the last of that month.

Slave Training, Slave Contracts

Longterm servitude in the forms of Slave Training and Slave Contracts is very much possible to do online. You can read more about these services here.