Slavetraining, Contracts

Here you can find information on longterm servitude of different kinds.

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Not everyone want full on slavetraining or contracted servitude. If you are just interested in something particular but over a longer period of time than a session this is also possible. A few example of what services are available are:

  • Key holding. Can be for a collar, chastity device, locked clothing, etc.
  • Chastity. Can be with or without keyholding.
  • Cuckhold. Can be with or without chastity.
  • Taxation.

The pricing depends on what it is you want, if it is more than one thing, for how long it will be going on, etc. Depending on what it is you are after it can either be done completly online and on a distance, or in combination with meeting IRL. For example leaving and recieving a key can be done either via post or IRL.

Slave Training

Training can be directed towards specific slave duties, BDSM or fetish related routines, etc. It is simply something that you are to do over time, practice or learn, and become better. It can also involve selfimprovement such as excercise, diet, stop smoking, study routines, and so on. It can of course also be a combination.

Slave training can stricly speaking be done without a contract, but it is recommended. It is a specefied agreemeant that you as a slave are suppose to uphold. Having it written down and specified in a contract makes it clear what is expected. It can also work as a good push for the slave to put in the work necessary to succeed.

There will be follow ups either IRL or online in some form.

The pricing depends on how extensive the training will be, and what will be included in the agreement. But it starts at 5000kr/€500 a month.


There are two types of contracted servitude that is available. There is the more traditional slave contract regarding servitude and BDSM and Fetish related topics, a contract for Slave Training is an example of this. Then there is the option of being a contracted moneyslave.

Traditional Contract

A contract is not for what is to be done or not be done during a session. To enter a Slave Contract means you commit to serving your Mistress for a long period of time. It can techniquely be for anything between a few weeks to several years. A starting contract with me is for 3 months, and if you still are interested after this trial period we draw up a new contract which can be for a longer period of time.

It is not possible to negotiate away the trial period. This period is to see if we are a good fit, if this is something you are really interested in, and also a way to try out how you might want a longer contract to be arranged. When a contract is signed you can not make changes to it, this is what you commit to. Therefor it can be good to have a shorter period where you can see what is working for you, what is not working, and what you feel is missing.

A contract is also something that defines commitment outisde of sessiontime. If you are just interested in sessiontime you book sessions. Contracts are about defining a slaves obligations 24/7. Now, I do not have in-house slaves, that is you can not live with me and serve me directly 24/7. Your obligations will be what to do, how to behave, etc on your own time – as well as when you are with me.

What a contract entails depends on you, your interests, kinks, and so on. The cost for having this kind of contracted servitude depends on what the contract entails, but the cost starts at 5000kr/€500 a month.


You can read more about Financial Dominance here.

A contract for moneyslavery can include other parts of BDSM and Fetish as well, it all depends on what you are interested in. A first contract is always for 3 months. After this you are able to sign a new contract for a longer period of time. This trial period can not be negotiated away for the reasons mentioned in the previous section.

If you wish to become my moneyslave you will be obliged to gift me a percentage of your salary every month. The exact percentage will be decided by you, but it has to be at least 10% – and the percentage needs to accumulate to at least 2000kr/€200.

For every thing you want to ad to the contract you will need to gift me another 2% of your salary. For example if you want the contract to include chastity, one talk/chatt with your mistress a month, and one findom session a month you will have to pay an extra 6%. If you want two talks/chatts with your Mistress, keyholding, and one adopted bill you need to pay an extra 8%.

Aditional payment, tributes, and gifting can also be made outside of what is contracted.

If you want expensive things to be included, such as IRL sessions, this will be more expensive than just another 2%. Your gifting need to cover all the expenses of a session, so if you are interested in this it will have to be negotiated.

For those of you who want to gift me 100% of your income do not have to pay extra, of course. Though, what you will be allowed to have in your contract depends on how large a sum your gifting is.

If you are interested in starting Slave Training or signing a Contract there is a 500kr/€50 deposit, that is non-refundable, for starting to draw up your agreement/contract. This is a lot of work and I do not intend to do it for nothing for the unfortunate frauds and time wasters out there. Neither do I have the energy to do it for nothing for slaves that are uncertain if it is for them or that have not made the effort to understand what it means. Slave Training and Contracts are commitments you ought to take very serious.

If you are certain about your commitment and want to apply go to Contact and write the following information in the Message box:

  • What you are interested in, ie specific contract, Slave training, Traditional Contract, or Contract for Moneyslavery
  • What is your prefered Paymentmethod. You can read what is available here.