The Clinic

Due to Covid the clinic only offers online sessions at the moment. The preferred media is Skype, but Kik is also possible if you prefer texting to video.

The Clinic offers BDSM and Fetish sessions within the context of specific role-play. You can either book an appointment with Doctor Vera, or with Therapist Vera.

The Clinic is not a cam show nor pornographic, Miss Vera will not take of her cloths nor entice you in skimpy nurses outfits.

Doctor Vera

You can book an appointment with the Doctor for a physical examination and to talk about what physically ails you. When needed you will get prescriptions and ordinations to help with your conditions.

Therapist Vera

If your troubles are more of the mental kind you can come see the Therapist. She will talk you through your fears, your troubles, and what ever is on your mind. When needed you will get ordinations and homework to make certain you are improving yourself and your mental health.

Booking and Costs

The first appointment is always 15 min. Follow ups that are booked within two weeks from your previous appointment can be longer.

  • 15 min Skype – 500kr/€50/£45/$60
  • 15 min Kik – 400kr/€40/£35/$50

Half of the fee is to be paid as a deposit when making the appointment, this is not refundable. The other half needs to be paid before the session starts.

You make an appointment by going to the Contact page and filling out the contact form. Choose the Clinic option and in the message box you fill in a minimum of 3 suggestions for dates and times (and time zone if you are not on CET time) for your appointment. When the deposit is paid you will get a form to fill in regarding your kinks and limits.